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You don’t know how many
nights I ended up on the
bathroom floor crying and
shaking and crying and
shaking. I am not strong
or soft or pretty and I am
far from being okay. Maybe
survival was not made for
people like me.

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I do [prefer writing women characters], just because I’m a mama’s boy. I was raised by my mom, I have a little sister, and I’m constantly annoyed [by] how terribly written most females are in most everything — and especially in comedy. Their anatomy seems to be the only defining aspect of their character, and I just find that untruthful and it straight-up offends me. A lot of the strongest people I know are chicks. And as a viewer, I get a kick out of watching real characters. So I take it upon myself to clean that shit up and write actual women. And I like writing strong women, because as a straight male, there’s nothing more attractive to me than a strong girl.



George Takei describes the moment when he and his family were sent to an internment camp.

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thou shall not checketh for a nigga tht ain’t checking for thee

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i wish i was friends with someone in my neighborhood so i could randomly call them up and be like ‘yo i know its 3am but do you wanna walk around aimlessly for a little while’

Do you think this is a god damn movie? My best friend lives 20 feet from me and I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks.

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No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.

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